Amethyst Seer Stone

Amethyst Seer Stone 1.5-2"

What is a Seer Stone? Seer stones are crystals that have been naturally tumbled by the flowing waters of a river; one side is then polished to reveal the beauty of the crystal within. They have a beautiful frosty exterior and one clear "window" side. These spectacular gifts from nature have been used for scrying, and are a useful divinatory tool. Also known as Window, Ema, or Dreamer Crystals.

Amethyst | A powerful stone of spirituality and serenity, Amethyst opens, clears and activates the crown chakra. A natural tranquilizer, this purple crystal assists in spiritual insight, and enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation.

Amethyst is a powerful psychic protector that calms the nervous system and brings a deep sense of inner peace. It also helps with insomnia and dream recall. It is a highly calming stone that creates a no stress zone for the wearer, and quiets obsessions. Assists in the integration of new ideas, new patterns and freedom from addictive behaviors. It promotes awareness and spiritual insight; enhances psychic gifts and intuition.

Draw on the power of Amethyst...
~When you want to clear negative emotional patterns.
~When you want to release addiction.
~When you desire a deeper connection with Source.
~When you are in need of peaceful sleep.
~When you require assistance in meditation visualization.
~When you want to remain clear and centered.
~When you want to calm your nervous system.

Size: 1.5-2 inches

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card