Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled

Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled

Aura Rose Quartz is high vibrational with a whimsical energy. Comprised of heart-healing Rose Quartz with precious metals bonded to the surface, utilizing the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy creating a permanent blend of the properties of the original elements. Aura Quartzes are soothing to the emotional body and healing to the aura.  

More about Rose Quartz | The essence of love, it is the most important crystal for opening the heart chakra to all forms of love—family, platonic, romantic. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, while bringing deep inner healing and reassurance. A soft pink stone of infinite peace, it encourages self-love,  self-trust and self-worth.

It is especially healing to the emotional body, and soothes and heals in times of grief. It is calming, reassuring—good to use in trauma or crisis. Working with Rose Quartz makes you more receptive to love. It invites love vibes into your life and is like a warm, fuzzy hug.

Tap into the power of Rose Quartz...
~When you want to open your heart to love.
~When you are seeking emotional healing and inner peace.
~When you are struggling with grief, trauma or crisis.
~When you need trust and harmony in your relationships.
~When you want to love and value yourself more deeply.

Size: 1-1.5 inches

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card