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Black Tourmaline Bracelet | Protection

Black Tourmaline Bracelet Large
$11.95 - $14.95

Considered one of the most potent gemstones for dispelling negativity and promoting happiness, Black Tourmaline supports practicality and appreciation of life’s wonders while filtering negative influences.

Black Tourmaline provides energetic purification, and environmental shielding. This dark stone brings grounding and balance to the body, and is an excellent choice for sensitive or empathic people.

Activate Black Tourmaline in order to~
~Ease worry, and overactive thinking.
~Black Tourmaline is a great detoxifier, of the emotions and the mind.
~Place Black Tourmaline in the home or workspace to cleanse energetic smog and harmful EMF’s.
~Energetically, Black Tourmaline can assist with balancing and harmonizing all Chakras.