Black Tourmaline in Quartz Points

Black Tourmaline in Quartz Points

A stone that balances opposing energies of light and dark, Tourmalinated Quartz embodies the clarifying, peaceful qualities of Quartz with the protective, grounding attributes of Black Tourmaline. Harmonizing and uplifting, it serves as a stone that clears and balances the chakras and meridians while also bestowing a comforting sense of unity, stability and temperance.

More about Black Tourmaline...
This dark black stone has many unique qualities. Considered one of the most potent gemstones for dispelling negativity and promoting happiness. A powerful protection stone. Grounding. Supports practicality and appreciation of life’s wonders while filtering negative influences. Strengthening and healing to body and spirit. Excellent stone for sensitive or empathic people.

Activate Black Tourmaline...
~Working with Black Tourmaline can help ease worry, and overactive thinking.
~Black Tourmaline is a great detoxifier, of the emotions and the mind.
~Place Black Tourmaline in the home or workspace to cleanse energetic smog and harmful EMF’s.
~Energetically, Black Tourmaline can assist with balancing and harmonizing all Chakras.

Size: approximately 3 to 3.5 inches tall.

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card