Blue Lotus Temple Spray | Rose and Black Pepper

Blue Lotus Temple Spray | Rose and Black Pepper

A synergistic blend of flower and gemstone essences infused with pure essential oils in a base of Activated Sacred Healing Water.

Embody the Temple. The Blue Lotus Temple is that which is most noble and holy in ourselves. To go to the Blue Lotus Temple is to journey to the heart of peace, into a new octave of existence. We become the Blue Lotus Temple. We align with our 5th dimensional selves. We experience true compassion, which is a significant experience of enlightenment.

            The Blue Lotus Temple is a place where we can go, no matter where we are. The essences in this blend are a vehicle to help us get there. There is a unification and exponential effect when the Blue Lotus (Water Lily) is combined with the Andean Orchids, and transmitted with the Gold. A divine splendor and subtle euphoria emerges. There is a joyful bubbling of creative passion.

Spray above the head and let it float down... or spray your pillow, your face, your space, or your whole body!

Size: 2 oz glass bottle with spray top




Publication Date: 
January 1, 1900