Botswana Agate Bracelet | Adaptation

Botswana Agate Bracelet Large
$7.95 - $10.95

A stone of positive change and harmonious thinking, Botswana Agate belongs to the Quartz family of the banded Chalcedony variety. It’s banded mostly in shades of grey and pink, although there are some layers that may have a soft apricot or brown shade.

Pink Botswana helps calm the chatter of the heart and mind so that users can see the bigger picture and proceed accordingly. Excellent for times of transition as it reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and trust our intuition. Comforting and creative, it helps us venture into the unknown with poise and flexibility.

Pink Botswana Agate assists with...
~Supporting and stabilizing your heart chakra.
~Developing heart-centered approach to loving and awareness.
~Balance emotional, physical, and intellectual energy.
~Feeling comforted and protected when grieving from a loss.
~Visualize expanding your awareness for perspective

Bracelet size:
Small | 6.25 inches around
Medium | 7.25 inches around
Large | 8.25 inches around

Bead size: 4mm or 6mm.
(Pictured: Medium bracelets with 4mm beads and 6mm beads)

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card