Clear Quartz Points

Clear Quartz Points 1-1.75"

Light Embodied, Clear Quartz conducts and transmits energy, and stores information like a natural computer, making it an efficient receptor for programming. This versatile crystal can be used with all of the chakras.

Assists in meditation, spiritual development, healing and purification of body, mind and spirit. Clarifies and amplifies physical and mental energies while harmonizing the individual with the energy of the universe. Magnifies ambient energies.

Call on the power of Clear Quartz...
~To see the path ahead with clear vision.
~To amplify the energy of all your other crystals.
~To strengthen your intentions.
~To cleanse, open, activate and align the chakras.
~To absorb, store, release, regulate and unblock energy.

 Size: 1-1.75 inches

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card