Fluorite Bracelet | Insight

Fluorite Bracelet Large
$6.95 - $10.95

A stone of insight, focus and cleansing, it promotes spiritual development. Known to bring a sense of peace, especially in times of stress. Fluorite brings mental clarity, and helps us develop & maintain positive structures in life.It increases self confidence and aids in decision-making. A balancing stone, it encourages positivity and grounds spiritual energies.

Work with the Energies of Fluorite...
~To cleanse the mind, body and soul of unwanted energies.
~To vibrate with the frequency of peace and tranquility.
~When you seek to get clarity and focus in your thoughts.
~When you feel overwhelmed or stressed for reasons you can’t identify.

Bracelet size:
Small | 6.25 inches around
Medium | 7.25 inches around
Large | 8.25 inches around

Bead size: 4mm or 6mm.
(Pictured: Medium bracelets with 4mm beads and 6mm beads)

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card