Green Calcite

Green Calcite 1"-2"

All calcites are powerful cleansing and energy amplification stones. This light green stone influences our internal and external balance in life, and can assist with navigating the changes of the heart. It nurtures and encourages true forgiveness of yourself and others.

Green Calcite aids in moving from a place of stagnation into a new space of hopefulness and change for the better. This stone can also remind you that you have all you need to make positive change in your life.

Tap into Green Calcite’s nurturing, regenerative qualities to...
~To transition from feeling stuck to making positive changes in your life.
~Balance your emotions and focus on clarifying matters of the heart.
~Be reminded that Love, an infinite source, exists inside of you.
~Foster deep forgiveness for yourself and others.
~Reconnect with the Earth and nature.

Size: 1-2 inches

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card