Happy Kid Spray | Lavender & Tangerine


A synergistic blend of flower and gemstone essences infused with pure essential oils in a base of Activated Sacred Healing Water.

Nurturing, Balancing, Soothing. This gentle, nurturing blend, made especially for children and babies, is an all around balancer and great for injecting calm in challenging situations. Its joyful, loving influence can inspire positive dynamics between siblings and playmates, as well as with parents and other authority figures. Lovely to use in playrooms, classrooms, parks, around the dining table, in the car, etc.! Children are especially sensitive to energy and respond quickly to this spray, and to vibrational remedies in general. Nice for inner children too!

Spray above the head and let it float down... or spray your pillow, your face, your space, or your whole body!

Size: 2 oz glass bottle with spray top