Honoring Grief Candle | Orange, Cedar & Patchouli

Honoring Grief Candle | Orange, Cedar & Patchouli

Affirmation for honoring grief:

"Show me, grief
How connected you are with all life,
How the other side of the face of pain
is a face of love."

Grieving is ultimately a type of learning. It is how we learn to hold the conversation between loss and celebration. The grief of what we must let go of mingles with the celebration of what we had. A grief ritual combines deep reverence with tender release, creating the needed alchemy for transformation. This invites newness to enter after a loss. Self-transformation blends honoring and letting go of the past with trust in the future.

Handcrafted using a cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, and a blend of Orange, Cedar and Patchouli oils encasing a Black Tourmaline crystal charged under the full moon. Contains botanicals of clove, star anise, cassia, and orange peel.

Ignited, the candle's liquid soy wax remains just 3 degrees above body temperature. Nutrient rich, this warm soy can be spooned onto skin to moisturize and massage.

Black Tourmaline | Grounds & Protects
Patchouli | Emotional Healing, Inner Calm & Mental Clarity
Cedar | Spiritual Growth & Courage
Orange | Nurtures & Soothes

Size: 8.5 oz