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Kuan Yin on Dragon | Porcelain

Kuan Yin on Dragon | Porcelain
Kuan Yin on Dragon | Porcelain
$84.00 - $96.00

Made from the finest blanc-de-chine porcelain, this finely detailed Kuan Yin figure holds a vase of purest waters, pouring out compassion and mercy to all who call upon her.

Standing on the dragon is a traditional representation of Kuan Yin's high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation. It marks that she has earned the right to transcend into the heavenly realms, but that she chooses to stay in the world to bring comfort and mercy to humanity.

Figure is a drip fountain, you just fill the dragon's mouth with water, then turn the statue upside down to circulate water to the head. Set the figure down to let droplets of water from from the vase to the dragon's mouth.

Large: 14 inches tall
Small: 12 inches tall