Lepidolite Bracelet | Acceptance

Lepidolite Bracelet Large
$11.95 - $15.95

A “stone of transition,” Lepidolite helps to restructure old patterns and gently induce change. Clearing blockages, this stone brings deep emotional healing, reducing stress and depression. Lepidolite Enhances self-love, openness and honesty while soothing nerves and calming the heart. Activates the throat, heart, third-eye and crown chakras. 

Connect with Lepidolite...
~To begin processes of transformation that may have been procrastinated on.
~ To ease pain and discomfort in the energetic body.
~ When seeking more inner integrity with ones self.
~ To connect and strengthen your upper three chakras.
~To receive guidance from higher benevolent energies.

Bracelet size:
Small | 6.25 inches around
Medium | 7.25 inches around
Large | 8.25 inches around

Bead size: 4mm or 6mm.
(Pictured: Medium bracelets with 4mm beads and 6mm beads)

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card