Moss Agate Tumbled

Moss Agate Tumbled 1"

Moss Agate actually belongs to the oxide and quartz group; it is not a true agate. It has a light blue or moss green color. Moss Agate is a "growth crystal,” a powerful conduit of the earth's life force of birth, development, and creation, and reflects nature’s power of constant renewal.

Opens lines of communication with the nature spirits. Moss Agate is a great crystal to assist you in your meditations. It helps calm down the monkey mind and reach a state of balance and centeredness, gently balancing emotions and allowing high-vibration love energy to flow freely.

Discover the mystery of Moss Agate...
~Connect with nature spirits
~Unblock the heart chakra, let love energy flow smoothly
~Find peace in existing relationships
~Nurture true friendships
~Press the emotional reset button
~Calm the monkey mind, find balance

Size: 1 inch

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes
Comes with Crystal Info Card