Palo Santo Bundles

Palo Santo Bundles

Palo Santo is native to South America and is known as "holy wood" because of its healing and spiritual properties. It clears and cleanses energy. It also inspires creativity, brings love and good fortune, aids in stress relief, meditation, and supports your connection to divine source. Use it to clear, set intentions, and in meditation.

How to use: Hold Palo Santo over a flame for about 30 seconds then blow it out. Move about your space asking the cleansing smoke to clear the energy while drawing in the energy of your intention. To keep the smoke going, continue to blow on the embers. Place in a fire-proof bowl when finished.

For a longer burn use with charcoal: Light a charcoal tablet and place it in a fire-proof bowl using tongs. After about 10 minutes the edges of the tablet will turn white. When it looks like a donut, then place Palo Santo onto the charcoal.