Palo Santo Essential Oil - 15ml

Palo Santo Essential Oil - 15ml

This high-quality Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)  essential oil is steam distilled from our sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood. No chemicals are used at any stage of the distilling process. It is 100% natural and free of byproducts. 

This richly aromatic and potent oil has high levels of D-Limonene, a terpene with many potential therapeutic properties.Great for using in baths, diffusers, or in your own custom essential oil blends. 

Sunstainably & Ethically Sourced |Sacred Wood Essence have been working directly with the same family in Ecuador for over 11 years to obtain their Palo Santo raw materials. They have worked directly with the ministry of forest and government agencies on reforestation projects including putting back over 100,000 trees into the dry tropical forest for the last 20 years. They only purchase wood from independent local collectors that find naturally dead trees that have been sitting on the forest floor for over 4 years.

Size: 15 mL