Palo Santo Heavenly Spritzer

Palo Santo Heavenly Spritzer

This heavenly combination of essential oils will uplift, inspire and revitalize! Made with Rose Water, Palo Santo, Lavender, Sage, Peppermint, Oud, Frankincense, Myrrh, Colloidal Silver/Gold. Spritz in the room, on your body, car, yoga mat or anywhere you want to uplift and cleanse.

Sunstainably & Ethically Sourced | Sacred Wood Essence have been working directly with the same family in Ecuador for over 11 years to obtain their Palo Santo raw materials. They have worked directly with the ministry of forest and government agencies on reforestation projects including putting back over 100,000 trees into the dry tropical forest for the last 20 years. They only purchase wood from independent local collectors that find naturally dead trees that have been sitting on the forest floor for over 4 years.

Size: 1 oz spray bottle