Shield of Light Spray | Rosemary, Frankincense & Lemongrass

Shield of Light Spray | Rosemary, Frankincense & Lemongrass

A synergistic blend of flower and gemstone essences infused with pure essential oils in a base of Activated Sacred Healing Water.

Set healthy vibrational boundaries. Shield of Light assists the creation of a harmonic frequency around you so nothing disruptive can enter your field. A valuable formula for healers and other sensitive folks! Great for empaths.

Also helps to filter electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices and high tension wires. Feel confident! Lovely to use on the perimeters of your house, yard, office, etc. (inside and out). Many have reported that this spray helps them to drift into a pleasant night's sleep, wrapped in its fragrant cocoon of safety and reassurance.

Spray above the head and let it float down... or spray your pillow, your face, your space, or your whole body!

Size: 2 oz glass bottle with spray top