Smudging Sampler

Smudging Sampler

This wonderful sampler is a great way to try a some of the best smudging wands. Includes Desert Sage, Cedar, White Sage, Yerba Santa, Sweet Grass & Palo Santo. Smudging has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing and purifying oneself and others as well as an area of space.

Made by a small family run business that works with wild-crafters who have the utmost respect for the land and plants they harvest. Most wands are from Native American sourced wild-crafters. Palo Santo comes from Ecuador, where it is sustainably harvested, and they work to plant new trees (around 4000 trees a year).


Dimensions | Each wand is approximately 4" long
To Use |
Light tip of smudge stick, wait a moment, blow out flames, fan embers lightly to keep smoldering.