Sunstone Bracelet | Leadership

Sunstone Bracelet Large
$11.95 - $15.95

Sunstone brings openness, benevolence, and warmth. This crystal restores enjoyment and encourages personal independence, and provides originality, optimism, and enthusiasm. Sunstone embodies and radiates solar energy, with its bright orange color, offering warmth, joy, and strength. An excellent mood-lifting stone, it alleviates fearfulness and encourages leadership and independence.

The gold and orange shades of Sunstone identify with the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra, located below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body. A stone of abundance, it is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Sunstone vitalizes the energy centers of the body, making it a very helpful stone for self-healing.  

Embrace the radiance of Sunstone...
~When you feel cold, frigid, or stuckness energetically.
~If you have an abundance of Yin-Feminine Energy to balance.
~To become emboldened with creative energy.
~To Transmute heavier energies into a positive mindset.
~To see all of life as abundant and prosperous.